Apple to Release New iPhones, iPads More Often As Samsung Encroaches on Market Share

iPhone-maker Apple appears to be moving from an annual to a six-month product-refresh schedule.

This will delight or frustrate buyers, depending on the strength of both their fanboy dedication and their pocketbooks.

News of Apple’s faster pace on product releases, including the iPhone and the iPad, comes as the company faces intense competition from Samsung. In fact, several research firms have been touting figures that show the Galaxy S III quickly encroaching on the iPhone’s market share, threatening Apple’s dominance in the smartphone world.

As a result, there’s a lot of speculation that Apple will debut the next iPhone (the 5s or the 6) in the middle of 2013. The company has adhered to a frenetic device-release schedule this year and reportedly wants to ramp up the activity in the coming year as it goes up against Samsung.

Unnamed sources told Taiwan-based DigiTimes, which covers the Apple supply chain, that Apple vendors are predicting strong first-quarter financials as they manufacture components for the iPhone and iPad. Observers say that all points to a May, June or July launch for new Apple gadgets.

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