Telarus Takes New Back-Office System Out of Beta

Master agency Telarus Inc. announced Tuesday the launch of Sabiona, its new internal partner and supplier management system. The software enables Telarus employees to run reports on partner activity, set tasks for each other, store important documents such as agent contracts, audit and process commission payments, respond to service quote requests, and to manage supplier and partner relationships.

The system, which has been in development for four years and in beta testing for the past six months, facilitates customer relationship management, task management, manual quote processing, trouble ticketing, sales reporting, provisioning management, funnel tracking, internal email communication and financial processing.  One of the critical modules of the Sabiona system reconciles commission processing, so that partners receive an accurate accounting of their commissions every month.

“The past few years we’ve been working diligently behind the scenes to create a comprehensive back-office site that our own employees can use to help them provide a superior experience for our partners and suppliers,” said Telarus President Adam Edwards. “With a large number of our employees out in the field, their ability to gather intelligence and feed it back to our main support group in Salt Lake City, including setting tasks, is critical to our operation. Sabiona has really given us a leg up on our competition, dramatically helping us improve our partner satisfaction scores in a short period of time.”

Since transitioning to the Sabiona system, Telarus reported a 30 percent increase in sales, partner satisfaction and employee satisfaction, according to Andrew Morgan, Telarus’ vice president of operations.

Robert Butler, Telarus’ vice president of sales  West, said knowing what corporate is doing to assist his sales partners is key.

“It is important for me to know about a partner who recently had a good or bad experience, or if they still have outstanding issues we are trying to resolve, or that their wedding anniversary is next week,” Butler said.

Paula McKinnon, Telarus’ director of supplier management, said Sabiona allows her to share with suppliers the daily activity that affects them, such as the number of quotes, new opportunities, new partners and sales reports.

“Real-time access to this data is key for helping our suppliers spend their time more judiciously supporting our account,” McKinnon said.

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