Microsoft Office Coming Soon for iPhone, iPad, Android

Microsoft Office Mobile is finally set to be released for iPad, iPhone and Android users.

Office Mobile’s free apps will allow Android and iOS customers to access Microsoft Office documents on the go, according to The Verge, whose sources say is coming in early 2013. These mobile apps will require a Microsoft account, and they will support Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents. Users will be able to gain access to editing functions by subscribing to Office 365.

Users can purchase the Office 365 subscription through the app, or they can allow organizations to distribute codes that will enable Mobile Office’s editing functions. These apps will allow for basic editing, The Verge said, but will not go far in replacing regular use of a desktop Office version.

The iOS version of Office Mobile is set to arrive first in late February or early March while the Android version is due in May, sources told the tech website.

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