So Long, Verizon Apps Store Was Nice to Know Ya

In the days before the Android Market (now Google Play) was flourishing and the Apple’s App Store had only 1 gazillion apps (instead of 10 gazillion), Verizon set out to create an app storefront that would offer "device optimization, security and simplicity for developers." That was March 2010, this is now. R.I.P. Verizon Apps.

The tech landscape has changed dramatically since then, Verizon pointed out in a blog post announcing the shuttering of Verizon Apps. "We’re evolving our strategy to further simplify today’s experience and meet the needs of tomorrow," Verizon said.

The carrier will start to remove the Verizon Apps app from all compatible Android and RIM devices in January, wrapping the process up by March 27. Verizon says most programs in Verizon Apps exist in multiple app stores, so it’s unlikely to cause users any problems.

One important note: Business applications submitted to Verizons Private Applications Store for Business will continue to be available for purchase and download to enterprise customers.

Verizon plans to introduce a new merchandising strategy that includes "AppLuvr," and app that helps developers get their Android apps discovered by the carrier’s customers. Developers will still have access to app metrics and reporting during the transition; and they’ll continue to receive payments while the storefront is being shut down.

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