Nokia Lumia 920, 822 Release Dates Divulged for AT&T, Verizon

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The release of a pair of highly anticipated Nokia phones based on Microsoft’s Windows 8 platform is just days away.

The Lumia 822 marks the beginning of a new partnership between Verizon Wireless and Nokia. The carrier hasn’t offered a new Nokia phone in three years. The smartphone will be a Verizon exclusive setting customers back just $100 with a new, two-year service agreement. The device comes with turn-by-turn navigation and free unlimited music streaming from Nokia Music. It has a 4.3-inch display; 1 GB of RAM; and a 1.5GHz processor some pretty good specs for the price. Ubergizmo says the Lumia 822 is coming Nov. 8, but no official word from the carrier as of Oct. 31.Nokia hopes its Windows Phone 8-based devices will return it to prominence.

The Lumia 920 Nokia’s new flagship handset will make its splash on Nov. 11, multiple sources told Boy Genius Report. You can get it in three colors, the tech site says, admitting that it initially thought the smartphone would debut on Oct. 26. Microsoft confirmed in a news release Monday that the phone will launch in November. The Lumia 920 will be an exclusive with AT&T for at least the first six months after release, multiple websites are reporting.

The Lumia 920 comes with a 4.5-inch display, a Snapdragon S4 processor and a camera that shoots full 1080p HD video. Nothing official yet on a price, either, but the Lumia is expected to sell for $150 with a new, two-year service agreement. Look for a statement from AT&T on the release any day now.

Nokia and Microsoft announced a partnership last year bringing the Windows Phone 7 platform to a series of Lumia phones. Sales of the flagship 900 were initially strong as an AT&T exclusive, but faded quickly. Global adoption hasn’t been rapid, either but many analysts point out that Android devices didn’t sell that well out of the gate either, and now they dominate smartphone sales. 

Nokia, once the global leader in cellphones, was slow to react to the smartphone revolution and was left behind by Apple, Samsung and a host of other handset manufacturers. The Finland-based company hopes its new line of Lumias with Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8  officially announced earlier this week  can turn that around.

Nokia is marketing the Lumia series to both the business user and the general consumer.

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