Power Up! AT&T, Google Join Alliance for Smart Wireless Power

Three of America’s best-known brands have joined the Power Matters Alliance, an organization of companies working together to create an ecosystem and open standard for smart wireless power.

Big name tech companies AT&T and Google as well as coffee powerhouse Starbucks announced their allegiance to the program on Monday. The Power Matters Alliance was founded by Powermat Technologies and Procter & Gamble.

Alliance companies are making strides in this wireless future, by, for example: selling PMA-compatible wireless power cases and charging surfaces in select markets (AT&T); installing PMA-compatible wireless charging spots in lounges and cafes in airports (Delta Airlines); testing PMA-compatible wireless charging spots in Boston stores (Starbucks); including PMA-compatible wireless charging for smartphones in upcoming models (General Motors); and so on.

The technical work has been initiated by the PMA and operates under IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) Industry Connections "Power Matters Activity," officially launched in March 2012. Technical specifications to enable any device to interoperate with the PMA standard are already available to all PMA members and membership is open to all at  

"Smartphones and fast networks have transformed our mobile experience, and the next frontier is ensuring that these devices never run out of power," said Jeff Howard, vice president devices and accessories, AT&T. "We believe the PMA has the right organizational framework, the right institutional backing and the most promising technological platform. We look forward to a future where all of our devices can charge seamlessly in the home, in the car and in the coffee shop and expect that such a future is at hand."

"An Internet of ‘smart things’ is rapidly evolving and most of them are powered electrically. Google cares greatly about a future where power can be wireless, smart and environmental," said Vint Cerf, chief Internet evangelist at Google. "The PMA is about doing for power what the Internet did for data. With the help of Starbucks, AT&T, P&G, Powermat and so many others I believe this goal is finally within reach."

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