Shocking BYOD Survey Results Should Worry Execs, IT Pros

The increasingly popular bring-your-own device practice puts businesses at risk for data loss, and companies are continually failing to take preventive measures.

Nearly 70 percent of professionals who own smartphones bring their personal devices to work in order to access corporate data, according to Ovum, but IT departments fail to manage almost 80 percent of this BYOD activity.

By surveying more than 4,000 full-time employees, Ovum found that almost half of employers IT departments did not know of BYOD or were simply ignoring the practice only 8.1 percent actively discouraged it.

Despite much speculation, BYOD is here to stay,” said Richard Absalom, senior analyst at Ovum. “Therefore, its worrying to see evidence of such a high proportion of businesses burying their head in the sand when it comes to planning adequately for it … if left unmanaged, BYOD creates a huge data security risk.” 

Ovum’s research indicates half of employees say they would not access their own personal apps on a corporate provisioned smartphone because of privacy concerns. Therefore, even as enterprises update to the large touch screen phones, about half of employees will not substitute the corporate devices for their own.

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