Sprint Wins iPhone 5 Call-Quality Test as Apple Gets Sued for AT&T Exclusivity

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Apple claims call quality has improved with its latest version of the iPhone, but it might be more important to you to know which carrier offers the best voice quality on the device.

It’s just one test, but CNET says the winner is Sprint. The tech site made three local calls to and from the same location in New York City one call each on a Verizon, AT&T and Sprint iPhone 5. Editors there also made a long-distance call to San Francisco on the various devices.

They found the most background noise on the AT&T calls, with voice quality being “the most grainy.” There is an improvement over the iPhone 4S, though, they said. The Verizon long-distance call had less background noise than AT&T, but there was some distortion and a popping sound. Sprint had none of those problems; in fact, the sound came through “loud, clear and even a bit richer,” they said.

Granted, you might be looking to an iPhone more for other reasons, but CNET’s quick test gives the call-quality nod to Sprint.

Meantime, Apple has another court challenge involving the iPhone over the original exclusivity contract it signed with AT&T back in 2007.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Northern California, IDG News Service reported, saying that Apple violated part of the 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act. The class-action suit says it was unlawful for Apple to forge a deal that wouldn’t let customers switch providers after they’re contracts were up; before April 2012, Apple refused to “unlock” iPhones so that they could work on opposing carriers’ networks.

The plaintiffs want the court to bar Apple from selling locked devices, which obviously seems moot now; it also asks for monetary damages.

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