The iPhone 5 Shortage Explained: Curse That Complicated Design

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There’s a simple explanation for why the iPhone 5  has been in short supply: The phone is just darn tricky to make.

The Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., a Taiwan-based company with factories throughout China, assembles the iPhone 5 and other Apple products. An anonymous company official said the process for creating such a light, thin phone is extremely complicated, according to an article by The Wall Street Journal.

Hon Hai has made some changes to increase productivity, but the executive said it is difficult to satisfy both “aesthetic needs and practical needs.” A new coating material used for the iPhone 5 makes it more susceptible to scratches, which is an issue being addressed by Hon Hai.

Some factory disputes have also caused iPhone production concerns, but Hon Hai said these incidents did not lead to stoppages in the manufacturing process. The executive admitted in the article that the conflicts arose between the assembly line workers and inspectors due to quality issues, including the scratch-susceptible metal casing.

To enhance its production capacity and alleviate worries of iPhone shortages, Hon Hai has increased hiring at its Zhengzhou site, a major production facility.

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