ADTRAN Debuts Multi-Tenancy in vWLAN Solution

ADTRAN says it has integrated multi-tenancy capabilities into its Bluesocket virtual wireless LAN (vWLAN) solution.

This release is targeted for managed service and solution providers who need the operational flexibility to support multiple customers within a single virtualized controller.

ADTRAN’s vWLAN leverages the benefits of network virtualization and a distributed data plane to free the WLAN from the local area network, helping to deliver powerful cloud services. No longer does the control and management of the WLAN have to be on the same LAN as the access points, ADTRAN said; instead, user control and device management resides in the cloud.

vWLANs multi-tenancy capability, combined with network virtualization, gives managed service providers the ability to quickly create a hosted WLAN and respond to customer demands, ADTRAN said.

With conventional WLAN systems, guaranteeing true tenant isolation requires dedicated, isolated hardware which further increases the overall implementation cost and erodes profit margins. ADTRANs vWLAN delivers a software-based control and management solution that can be sub-divided such that multiple tenants can securely occupy a single virtual instance.

The challenge for service providers, including MSPs, today are how to cost-effectively scale their offerings when every customer must be treated the same in terms of access, priorities and service assurance,” said Mike Sapien, principal analyst at Ovum. ADTRANs Bluesocket multi-tenant solution tackles this issue by enabling service providers to configure each customer on the virtual Wireless LAN independently of any others, whether this customer is in a shared campus environment, independent department by department separation or another geographic region.”

The multi-tenant capability of vWLAN gives a service provider a tremendous advantage,” stated Mads Lillelund, general manager for ADTRANs Bluesocket Business Group. With the Bluesocket vWLAN solution, providers can leverage network virtualization to quickly and cost effectively deploy profitable, cloud-class, multi-tenant, WLAN service offerings to capture the significant revenue opportunities within todays cloud-based services market.”

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