West IP Communications Announces ControlMaxx Update

West IP Communications, a subsidiary of West Corp., today announced upgrades to its ControlMaxx cloud-based contact center solution. The company reports that the enhancements which include an enhanced user interface, multimedia queuing, session tags and improved reporting capabilities are the direct result of in-depth feedback from their clients.

Highlights of the new features include:

  • An improved user interface with a menu system redesigned for easier navigation and an update of call flow component layouts for visual consistency and ease of use
  • Improved security through support for secure Web protocol (HTTPS/SSL)
  • Multimedia queuing capabilities for voice calls and chat discussions
  • The ability to prioritize queues for call distribution so that agents in multiple queues get the highest priority call
  • Audio synching with video capabilities in screen capture recording for better monitoring, quality assurance and training purposes
  • Barge, which permits supervisors to join agents on customer calls, as well as monitor and whisper features to aid in call resolution
  • Session tags that will permit administrators to provide agents with identifiers for use during their calls or chats, as well as creating identifiers that will allow supervisors to view and filter session reports for better understanding of a particular call or chat.
  • Dynamic searching and reporting capabilities of sessions in Excel, PDF and CSV file formats

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