CWA Fights ‘Devastating’ Call-Center Job Offshoring With Emotional Video

The Communications Workers of America, which represents hundreds of thousands of telecom workers around the country, says a new video it has released shows the positive impact that ”insourcing” call center and customer service jobs back to the U.S. can have on American workers and the economy.

The video showcases several personal stories of workers who had their jobs insourced from overseas locations and it follows another video released earlier this month on the impact of offshoring jobs.

Both videos aim to show the impact these practices have on real people.

The important takeaway from this new insourcing video is that we can do something about the shipping of call center jobs overseas,” said Ron Collins, CWA chief of staff.  Bringing jobs back to our shores strengthens American communities, prioritizes American workers, and can bolster companies bottom lines.”

From 2006 to 2010, the U.S. call center industry lost about 500,000 jobs, according to CWA, but the union has worked with companies like AT&T, US Airways and others to insource call center work and bring jobs back to the U.S.

The union says the practice of offshoring “has devastated the domestic call-center industry.”

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