Survey Says: Take My Wallet Leave Me My Phone, a leading gadget insurance company, today released the results of a poll fielded in New York City this morning of more than 150 Apple fans in line for the iPhone 5. The first-ever study of iPhone 5 purchasers reveals that 51.7 percent of Apple fans value their iPhones over their wallets. Other results include:

  • Of the Apple fans waiting in NYC lines, 74 percent were male and 26 percent were female and their average age was 25.
  • 40.6 percent of Apple customers have previously purchased three or more earlier model iPhones.
  • Apple fans waited an average of 2-4 hours in line to get their hands on the new release.
  • When asked to pick anyone, living or dead, with whom they would most like to have lunch, 33.6 percent of Apple fans chose Steve Jobs. Albert Einstein was the choice of 27.3 percent, and 23.1 percent named JFK. Only 17.5 wanted to hang out with Lady Gaga.
  • If Siri were a real person, most Apple fans in line (27.8 percent) imagined she would look like Angelina Jolie. Tied for a close second with 25 percent of the vote were Betty White and Cameron Diaz.
  • The new features Apple fans were most looking forward to using include the bigger screen with 41.7 of the vote; a stronger battery came in second at 29.2 percent. The sleek design revealed 25.7 percent; and a more powerful camera received 22.9 percent.
  • 32.2 percent of Apple fans were planning to buy iPhone 5 insurance.
  • 43.4 percent of the people polled did not know that replacing their iPhone 5 without a contract can cost as much as $749, versus the subsidized rate of $299 for the iPhone 5 32GB, underscoring the important of researching and purchasing gadget insurance.
  • The second most popular brand (of any kind) for Apple fans is Samsung. Other popular brands include Sony, Starbucks, Gucci and Nike.

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