Comcast Preps Data Caps

As of Oct. 1, Tucson, Ariz., residents using Comcast for Internet access will be subject to new data caps.

The caps apply to services ranging from 300GB to 600GB. The idea is to offer higher caps for faster services. Users exceeding their allotments will pay for each additional 50GB of data. However, Comcast will give customers three chances to avoid overage charges.

"You will not be billed for the first three times you exceed your monthly GB allowance during a 12-month period," the cableco said in a FAQ section of its website. "Should you exceed the monthly allowance after the courtesy passes are used, you will automatically be provisioned for additional data in incremental blocks of 50GB for $10 each as you need them."

Comcast suspended its previous 250GB data cap in May.

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