AT&T and CWA Reach Tentative Benefits Agreement

AT&T and the Communications Workers of America reached a tentative agreement today on benefits for more than 40,000 employees.

The agreement, focusing on benefits like health care, will soon be submitted to the CWAs bargained-for Mobility membership for a ratification vote. Wages, pension and work rules for bargained-for Mobility employees are negotiated under separate contracts, AT&T said.

If ratified, the four-year tentative agreement would take effect on Jan. 1, 2013. However, most health care changes begin on April 1, 2013.

This agreement provides modest increases to employee costs over the four-year term, and new hires would pay a higher premium, according to AT&T. Also, the plan introduces a new health reimbursement account for qualified employees and a Success Sharing Plan tied to AT&T stock in the third year of the agreement.

A CWA spokeswoman said union members will vote on whether or not to ratify the agreement, and results will be announced on Oct. 10, according to an article by The Wall Street Journal.

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