10n2 Teams With Speed Demon

CHANNEL PARTNERS 10n2 Technologies (Booth #102) says it has acquired an exclusive global license for patent-pending, safe driving technology through a partnership with Speed Demon.

10n2, a provider of safe driving software solutions for insurance companies, employers and the public, says Speed Demon’s technology calculates speed based on road classification, such as residential, secondary or highway, and reports dangerous driving behavior in real-time. The technology leverages a smartphones built-in GPS, an accelerometer as well as a cloud-hosted, secure dashboard, to allow reporting on realistic speed guidelines. This is especially critical on non-highway roads, where most driving fatalities occur.

The addition of Speed Demons technology addresses speeding and sets out to create better, safer driving habits. As a result, insurance companies can get reports and score an individuals actual driving behavior and provide discounts for the safest drivers like never before. It also provides valuable intelligence for employers with a mobile workforce, helping to lower costs, risks and liability damages associated with reckless employees and accidents.

With the integration of Speedbump technology, we can now offer insurance companies and enterprises a comprehensive safety system that not only monitors and reports on speeding, hard braking and other dangerous habits behind the wheel, but actually scores them,” says Ciaran Hynes, chief executive officer of 10n2 Technologies. This score takes the guessing out of calculating insurance rates or monitoring ones workforce while they are on the road.”

Under the terms of the partnership, 10n2 Technologies will market the exclusive Speed Demon products and be able to incorporate the Speedbump technology into future product offerings.

10n2 Technologies is the developer of the software that prevents distracted driving OneProtect and BizProtect. Each features the patent-pending Attention Verification Test (AVT), the first smartphone software to effectively differentiate between drivers and passengers. 10n2s technology cant be overridden without the administrator being notified, disabling only the drivers phone if a car exceeds a pre-determined threshold speed.

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