Samsung Likely to Sue Apple Upon iPhone 5 Release

Samsung will likely sue Apple upon the release of its  iPhone 5  for infringing on 4G LTE connectivity patents, according to an article by The Korea Times.

The company announced its move after sources confirmed the iPhone 5 will feature 4G LTE in Korea, the article said, and it’s unlikely the new iPhone would be released using 3G networks because the new LTE patents are “highly valued.”

Further, Taiwan’s HTC won a court battle with iPhone producers over LTE patents, which increases chances of Samsung having success with  its plan.

Samsung paid the U.S. $1.05 billion for infringement of Apple’s design patents, and jurors ignored Samsung’s claim that Apple used its mobile patents. A Seoul court ruling indicated Samsung did not copy Apple, and a Tokyo court agreed that the company did not infringe on U.S. patents, The Korean Times said.

Samsung and Apple are working out similar issues in a Den Hague court, the Netherlands and also in a German court this week.

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