One in Five IT Professionals Has Accessed Confidential Data

One in five IT professionals has accessed sensitive information while snooping around their networks, according to a new study.

A survey of more than 450 IT staff members indicated 39 percent can get unauthorized access to confidential data, such as CEOs’ private documents, a study by Lieberman Software revealed. In addition, 68 percent believe they have more access to sensitive information than colleagues.

This study also indicated that 11 percent of IT staff members would abuse their rights to roam the network if they believed their jobs were at risk. If laid off tomorrow, 11 percent said they would take sensitive information with them and nearly one-third said management does not know how to stop them.

Many organizations rely on their IT departments to keep them safe, but all too often the reality is that powerful privileged account credentials are being abused.” said Philip Lieberman, president and CEO of Lieberman Software. “Management must step up to the plate and take charge by establishing systems and procedures to lock down data from prying eyes or their secrets will continue to be stolen from under their noses.”

To control privileged account access, Lieberman Software suggests indentifying and documenting critical IT assets, delegating access to privileged credentials, enforcing password complexity rules and auditing alerts so each privileged access request is documented.

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