Apple Essentially Confirms iPhone 5 Release-Date Announcement

**Editor’s note: Please click here for a roundup of iPhone 5 speculation or here for our list of August’s hottest selling smartphones to see how the iPhone stacked up against the competition.**

Eight days from now, we’ll know when Apple plans to start selling the sixth-generation version of its iconic iPhone.

Select members of the media have been invited to an event in San Francisco where it’s assumed the iPhone 5 will be unveiled. The Sept. 12 event, as usual, is cloaked in some mystery: The invite only displays the calendar date “12,” casting a shadow shaped like a “5,” as CNNMoney points out.

The date lines up with what’s been rumored for about a month. The reference to the number five is interesting because many have speculated that Apple will not call the new device, “the iPhone 5,” and follow the new pattern set by the third-generation iPad, which is simply being marketed as “the iPad.”

So since the cat’s been out of the bag on an announcement date for a while now, the focus will turn to the devices supposed new features: a larger screen, 4G LTE compatibility, a faster processor and more.

And of course, the release date, which is expected to be Sept. 21. We won’t get any official confirmation on that until next Tuesday.

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