iPhone 5 To Face Samsung Litigation at Pending Release Date?

Despite being slaughtered in federal court after a jury awarded $1.05 billion in damages to Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co. expects to stay busy with litigation against its enemy.

The South Korean electronics behemoth confirmed plans to immediately sue its rival if Apple releases products that use advanced Long Term Evolution or LTE mobile technology, according to The Korea Times.

Apple is expected to unveil a sixth-generation iPhone next month that is equipped with LTE, the mobile technology currently embraced by the three largest U.S. wireless carriers. Samsung, now the world’s biggest mobile phone supplier, and Apple, whose iPhone Strategy Analytics reports has generated $150 billion in revenues over five years since its launch, are fighting for supremacy in the smartphone market.

Samsung reportedly is planning to go on the legal offensive at the same time it faces a potential ban on several smartphones after a California jury found the tech giant infringed on several patents owned by Apple. The federal judge overseeing the case, Lucy Koh, has said she will consider Apple’s request for a ban on Dec. 6., according to the International Business Times.

The jury verdict not only damaged Samsung, it marked a blow to the owner of the Android operating system that powers many Samsung phones: Google.

Mira Jang, a spokeswoman for Samsung, recently told Bloomberg the company will ask the judge to overturn the verdict, and if that request is unsuccessful, appeal the case.

Apple and Samsung are said to be fighting each other over patent claims on four continents.

Patent blogger Florian Mueller on Thursday pointed out that Apple and Samsung commenced a separate lawsuit earlier this year in the same federal court where Samsung just lost; the companies also have the right to reassert 14 patents that they temporarily withdrew, he wrote.

Mueller noted the 2012 lawsuit has a trial date scheduled for March 2014, and he believes "there’s a pretty good chance" Apple and Samsung will go to trial next year before a judge or jury on the patents that were withdrawn.

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