ADTRAN Enables MSPs to Offer Cloud WLANs

ADTRAN Inc. announced Wednesday that its Bluesocket virtual wireless LAN solution now supports multitenant managed CPE deployments without requiring a hardware-based controller at customers’ sites.

Mads Lillelund, general manager of ADTRANs Bluesocket Business Group, explained that unlike most managed WLAN services, which require a premises-based hardware controller, ADTRANs software-based vWLAN solution uses virtualization to allow the controller to be based at the service provider NOC while the data sessions remain at the end-users LAN.

As a result, there is no need to backhaul user traffic to the controller and scaling requires only the addition of access points, not more or larger capacity controllers, he said. In contrast, a high-end controller supports about 150 APs or they can be stacked to provide growth capacity.

“With us, you can add one AP at a time,” Lillelund said.

In addition, the controller software can be hosted and managed by the reseller or managed service provider at their data center or in the cloud, charging the end-customer a monthly service fee. The customer may own the APs or the MSP can build that into the fee as well, Lillelund added.

ADTRAN has offered the controller software for some time. What’s different now is that it includes a multitenant management tool, enabling resellers and MSPs to manage multiple customers from one controller. Customers also can be given access to their partitioned view.

vWLAN also has the ability to transition between deployment models without service interruption. So, if a customer bought the solution in a resale model, they can transition to a cloud model. vWLANs centralized control and management simply changes from the end-user premises to the service providers NOC. This transition can be done in the middle of the business day with no interruption in any of the live data sessions.

Lillelund said resellers that get their feet wet serving enterprise customers also now have the opportunity to provide service to municipalities, parks and stadiums and large campuses using the same platform.

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