Sprint Offers BYOD Management for Businesses

Sprint is teaming with mobile-solutions provider Vision Wireless to offer bring-your-own-device (BYOD) management to businesses.

Sprint says its solution addresses the key BYOD challenges of IT organizations security, administration and shared costs while allowing employees to use their preferred device for work purposes to be more productive.

IT management has told us about their challenge to stay focused on key priorities while also securing corporate data and managing a dynamic environment where employees use a variety of mobile devices from multiple carriers," said John Dupree, vice president of business sales, Sprint. "Our new BYOD Management service is a simple, turnkey solution that eliminates this challenge by bringing together key elements from our Device Management and Mobility Management offers and adding the critical features needed to manage a BYOD environment."

Sprint says its new turnkey solution helps companies deploy and manage elements of a BYOD program, such as: defining and enforcing compliance of BYOD policies within the workforce; being able to confidently secure corporate data on employee-owned devices with mobile device management and security (MDM&S) capabilities; managing the process for employees to be reimbursed for mobile devices and/or services that align with company policies; detailed reporting/analysis to keep track of BYOD employees and devices; and offering a customized Web portal to make it easy for employees to learn more, opt-in and register their personal device for the program.

Sprint BYOD Management is part of Sprint Professional Mobility Services, which the carrier says is a portfolio of enterprise-grade managed services designed to meet any business customers unique needs, from providing a greater level of security and management of devices and applications to handling the complexity of cross-carrier expenses, deployment, life cycle, policy management and dedicated support with Sprint Mobility Management.

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