SMBs To Spend $430M in 2015 on VDI

SMB spending on virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is expected to leap from its current figure of $132 million to $430 million in 2015, according to new research from Techaisle.

VDI is a cloud technology, allowing companies to store their operating systems and applications in data centers rather than running them locally on desktops, laptops, thin clients or mobile devices. SMB adoption of this type of platform is increasing, particularly among businesses organizations of 100-499 people, Techaisle said. In fact, the firm said midmarket VDI penetration should reach 12 percent by 2015, with the number of VDI seats seeing a compound annual growth rate of 45 percent, hitting 2.7 million. 

The number of channel partners selling VDI could increase those numbers, Techaisle said. For now, awareness of VDI remains low, at just 5 percent among companies with 1-19 employees. Among organizations with 50-99 workers, the figure jumps to 42 percent. Key reasons to use VDI include cost reduction, data security and access to applications from any device. Early users of VDI include the financial, health care, professional business services and manufacturing verticals, Techaisle said.


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