Bill Shock Pervades Mobile Workforce

A whopping 43 percent of mobile workers have experienced a high data roaming bill in the past year, according to a report.

The average cost of the bill: a mind-blowing $1,089, according to the quarterly Mobile Workforce Report published by iPass Inc., which provides access to a commercial-grade Wi-Fi network in hotspots around the world. Those employees reported getting whacked with an expensive data roaming bill 1.4 times a year on average.

It’s little wonder 80 percent of mobile workers reported they preferred using Wi-Fi networks over cellular networks for mobile app use.

“Prohibitively high mobile data roaming charges are killing mobile worker productivity and people are afraid to turn on their cellular devices,” said Evan Kaplan, chief executive officer at iPass, in a statement. “Enterprise IT and mobile operators have the power to keep mobile workers productive and efficient by providing seamless access to critical data and rich applications on Wi-Fi as a complement to cellular data plans at a tiny fraction of the cost, maybe then people will then turn on their smartphones while roaming.”

The report was based on a survey of nearly 1,200 mobile enterprise employees conducted between June 19, 2012 and July 13, 2012.


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