Jurors Close to Deliberations in Apple/Samsung Battle

Nine jurors later this week will deliberate on whether Samsung copied features of Apple’s iPhone in a federal case with potentially hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars at stake, not to mention the credibility of two rivals who lead the global smartphone market.

Lawyers for Apple and Samsung are expected to make their closing arguments on Tuesday, their final chance to convince the jury of the veracity of their various claims and counterclaims.

Witnesses for Samsung said last week that Apple owes it as much as $421.8 million in royalties, according to Bloomberg News. Meanwhile, Apple reportedly contends it’s entitled to at least $2.5 billion in damages.

A final decision by the jury isn’t likely to settle the dispute because the losing party is expected to appeal.

The three-week trial has been held in a federal court in San Jose before U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh, who reportedly has run short on patience during the high-profile case.

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