AT&T, XO, tw telecom, Verizon, Level 3 Among Ethernet Leaders

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Connectivity to private clouds for data-center hosting is driving demand for Ethernet access.

That’s according to the latest findings from Vertical Systems Group, which on Friday released its mid-2012 results for U.S. business Ethernet market share.

“New value-added service enhancements and improved network quality fueled the solid growth many Ethernet providers experienced in the first half of this year,” said Rick Malone, principal at Vertical Systems Group. “Additionally, our research clearly indicates rising demand for Ethernet access focused on connectivity to private clouds for data center hosting. We expect to see increased deployments of these configurations, which could have an impact on Ethernet share results as early as year-end 2012.”

The companies leading the way rank in the following order, based on port share: AT&T, Verizon, tw telecom, CenturyLink, Cox, XO, Time Warner Cable and Level 3. These providers hold 4 percent or more of the market, according to Vertical Systems Group.

Up and coming challengers that group, in alphabetical order, include Charter Business, Cogent, Comcast Business, Optimum Lightpath, Reliance Globalcom, Windstream (including PAETEC), and Zayo Group (including AboveNet).

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