iPhone 5 vs. iPad Mini: No Contest as Apple Release Dates Approach

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With many reports pointing to a daily-double announcement from Apple on Sept. 12, you might be wondering which is generating more buzz the sixth-generation iPhone (referred to most frequently as the iPhone 5) or the so-called “iPad mini,” a smaller version of the iconic tablet that the Silicon Valley giant is rumored to be announcing at the same time.

The iPhone and the iPad have been the best selling products in their respective spaces since their debuts (2007 for the iPhone, 2010 for the iPad). So which are more business users, gadget geeks and average consumers looking forward to? It’s no contest.

When asked which they would be more likely to buy, nearly four out of five (78 percent) chose the iPhone 5, according to a survey of 1,900 people taken by CouponCodes4u. The biggest reason?: Respondents expect to use the smartphone more. Others thought the current 9.7-inch version of the iPad would prove to be more desirable than one with a screen rumored to be between seven and eight inches, CNET reported.

More than three in four people surveyed said they already owned an Apple product; of those, almost two in three (64 percent) have an iPhone and two in five (40 percent) own an iPad.

While Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the new products, various leaks have indicated the products will go on sale Sept. 21.


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