iPhone 5 Release Date: Samsung Pushes Furtive Apple to Confirm Pending Information

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Trials are rarely as exciting as what you see on “Law and Order.” But the battle between Samsung and Apple is starting to get interesting.

iPhone 4SIn a California court on Friday, Samsung attorneys demanded information about what the next-generation iPhone widely expected to be launched next month will look like. Apple lawyers quickly objected to the cross-examination of Phil Schiller, Apple marketing exec, saying it would require him to divulge confidential information, according to CNET. Specifically, Schiller was asked if “any design changes were around the corner.”

“I prefer not to tell confidential information about future products,” Schiller said, according to the article.

Multiple sites spilled the beans potentially this week, claiming sources close to Apple who say that an event announcing the iPhone 5, or whatever it will be called, will be held Sept. 12, with a launch date of Sept. 21. It’s widely anticipated that the device will feature a larger screen than its predecessors slightly more than four inches will come with LTE-compatibility, and possibly, NFC technology to make mobile payments a breeze.

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