Despite No iPhone 5 Yet, Apple Snags U.S. Share from Google’s Android

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Android, Google’s fast growing operating system for smartphones made by Samsung, Motorola Mobility and others, lost U.S. market share to Apple’s iOS platform in the second quarter as the rate of smartphone sales slowed.

The dominant share held by Android fell from 60.6 percent in the second quarter of 2011 to 56.3 percent a year later, according to Strategy Analytics. Meanwhile, Apple’s iOS share increased to 33.2 percent from 23.2 percent in the year-earlier quarter. Apple sold 26 million iPhones in the quarter ending June 30.

The widely anticipated release of a sixth-generation iPhone will place further pressure on Android in the U.S. market, Strategy Analytics, the Boston-based research and consulting firm, said.

Research In Motion, the beleaguered maker of BlackBerry phones, continues to see its U.S. share dissipate. Its share fell to 6.5 percent from 10.5 percent in the year-earlier quarter as the company shipped 1.6 million units.

“Consumers, businesses and operators continue to be frustrated by Blackberry’s limited touchscreen smartphone portfolio and repeated delays to its new BB10 operating system,” Strategy Analytics said.

The second quarter was a sluggish one for smartphone shipments. Shipments declined 5 percent to 23.8 million units in what Strategy Analytics called “one of the slowest growth rates every experienced by the important U.S. smartphone market.”

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