Apple Stock Split? Now There’s an Investor-Pleaser

The price has risen so high, it’s a question that’s been asked many times: Why doesn’t Apple split its stock?

The last time the company did it was 2005 that was a two-for-one split. But the price then wasn’t in the same stratosphere as it is now ($610 after the close on Tuesday).

Bernstein Research says the time might be coming. The firm wrote Tuesday that the Silicon Valley giant is considering a split that could make it eligible to be included in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, according to Reuters. Senior analyst A.M. Sacconaghi wrote, in a note to clients, that technology companies aren’t well-represented in the DJIA, and this might be an opportunity Apple would consider attractive.

IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and HP are the only five tech companies included in the Dow. Even if Apple’s share price were cut in half, it would easily be the highest valued in the DJIA.

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