Google Offers Cloud Platform Partner Program

Google Inc. introduced its Google Cloud Platform Partner Program, according to a blog posted Tuesday by Eric Morse, Google’s head of sales and business development for the Google Cloud Platform.

The program, which provides Google partners with tools, training and resources, targets two partner types: service partners and technology partners.

Service partners provide consulting and implementation services using various Google Platform products, such as the Google App Engine to develop business, mobile and social applications. Morse cited one of the example of Google partner Orangescape Technologies, which integrated the Google App Engine as part of its platform to help United Biscuits migrate legacy Lotus Notes applications to the cloud.

Technology Partners provide tools that integration with Google’s platform or use one of Google’s services as a foundation for their products. Google services for technology partners include Google Compute Engine, which offers a set of management services that help you configure and manage applications running on Googles infrastructure; Google BigQuery, which enables partners to import data from a range of existing on-premises and cloud data sources as well as build interactive dashboards; and Google Cloud Storage, which provides archiving, backup and recovery, and primary storage solutions.

“Cloud is core to everything we do here at Google. In the last decade, weve invested in building an infrastructure that can serve 4 billion hours of video every month, support 425 million Gmail users and store 100 petabytes of Web index, and its growing every day,” wrote Morse. “Weve taken this technology and extended it via Google Cloud Platform, so that you can benefit from the same infrastructure that powers Google’s applications.”

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