Apple’s iPad Seldom Used for Business

It’s common to see a latte-toting executive in public slaving away at her iPad. But is she really working?

The odds are, no, at least according to a survey from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, LLC.

The survey of individuals who purchased an iPad between December 2011 and April 2012 found that only 13 percent of individuals use it for business. iPad owners tend to use Apple’s famous tablet to access the Web, listen to music and for such entertainment as playing games, watching video and checking out photos, Consumer Intelligence Research Partners said this week in a report.

The features of Apple’s newest tablet, however, may be creating more incentive for people to do work on their device. The survey found that 21 percent of those buyers use the tablet for business. Apple released the third-generation iPad in March.

A related finding: 23 percent of “devoted” owners use the iPad for business. Consumer Intelligence Research Partners defined such owners as individuals who own an AppleTV, an Airport WiFi router or a Time Capsule external hard drive and router.

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