BYOD Mostly Buzz, Enterprise Survey Shows

Sixty percent of enterprises maintain a corporate-liable mobile device policy, but employee-owned and hybrid” approaches are becoming more popular, according to a survey of  116 IT and telecom professionals by research firm CCMI .

The CCMI survey, which was commissioned by solutions provider Dimension Data‘s TEM company Xigo, found 22 percent of respondents use a hybrid approach incorporating corporate-liable and employee-liable, or bring your own device (BYOD), plans. Only 18 percent of respondents were fully BYOD, with more than half of those expecting employees to pay their own network charged.

BYOD is more prevalent than ever before, but corporate concerns about security and support are the main barriers to actual adoption,” said George David, president of CCMI. That said, it is obvious that as more powerful and robust systems that address multiple OSs hit the market that the tide will turn even further toward either a hybrid or fully BYOD strategy.”

The top three goals of BYOD program are keeping employees happy, improving productivity and reducing mobile costs. Of the latter and most measurable, respondents said BYOD has not been effective in reducing expenses with one in three experiencing no change and one in four respondents experiencing an increase. Cost increases were attributed to loss of discounted pooling plans and added help desk/support requirements.

Respondents are taking steps toward policy setting and enforcement. According to the survey, more than half said they have written mobile usage policies and two-thirds said they are using automated tools  to enforce policies.

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