Apple iPhone 5, iPad Mini Release-Date Announcements Coming at Same Time

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Look for a “crowded event” this fall when Apple is expected to unveil its new, smaller iPad, at the same time it introduces its next-generation iPhone.

A dual-product announcement of that magnitude would be a first for the Silicon Valley giant, which has historically introduced the iPad in the late winter/early spring and the iPhone in the summer (with the exception of last year’s iPhone 4S debut in October). But that’s exactly what Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, in a note to investors, says is going to happen, as reported by Apple Insider.

Munster previously thought the much-rumored  “iPad mini” believed to have a display that’s approximately two inches smaller than a standard iPad wouldn’t be announced until 2013. But as speculation about the device has grown more feverish, the analyst now expects both to be unveiled at a single event. Up to now, the industry consensus has been a September or October announcement of a new iPhone.

The analyst doesn’t stop there. He predicts if Apple releases a smaller, 16GB iPad, priced at $300, Apple could sell 6 million of the devices during the holiday season. Munster expects an iPad mini would take 10 percent of the standard-sized iPad’s potential sales, but would significantly erode sales of Android tablets as much as 30 percent because the price would come closer to those less-expensive tablets offered by a bevy of manufacturers and wireless carriers.

Munster predicts an iPad mini will help Apple not only maintain a majority share of the tablet market, but might help increase it, despite a whole heap of competition, Apple Insider said.

And that might not be all for Apple at this upcoming event. Munster believes the company will also unveil an update of its Apple TV set-top box. Media and special guests who get the invite for this one better bring something to eat it could take a while.

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