Carousel Industries Carries Atlantis VDI Line

Systems integrator Carousel Industries now carries Atlantis Computing’s virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) storage and performance products.

Atlantis’ ILIO storage line recently earned VMware Ready status. All of the company’s VDI platforms target midsize organizations and enterprises. Carousel said the way it has put together Atlantis’ solutions reduces customers’ capex outlay by at least 50 percent; typical VDI installations cost around $500 per user, Carousel said.

“Even though the benefits of VDIs are widely understood and market-proven, many IT organizations have had difficulty selling the upfront capital cost required to C-level executives,” said Phil Magnuszewski, director of data center technologies for Carousel Industries. “By embedding Atlantis ILIO as part of our overall VDI design, we can now cut the storage infrastructure required by upwards of 90 percent, significantly reducing the overall cost to the end user. Many companies can now simply allocate their existing PC ‘refresh budgets’ and direct it toward a true VDI project.”

To that point, Carousel Industries is deploying Atlantis-based VDI for a college in the northeastern United States. The first phase will consist of several hundred virtual desktops.

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