Verizon Wireless, Netflix, Comcast Customers Hammered by Storm-Related Outages

Even the cloud isn’t safe from Mother Nature.

Storm clouds passing over the East Coast over the weekend caused a number of outages at facilities run by major communications providers. One of those was a data center in Virginia operated by, resulting in a Friday night-Saturday morning shutdown for customers of Netflix, Instagram and others that rely on Amazon’s cloud to keep their services running.

The Seattle-based giant acknowledged the "storage-failure" problem, releasing a statement: "While no amount of downtime is acceptable, in the six years of running these services our customers have been quite pleased with our operational performance."

Meantime, Verizon Wireless noted its own outage issues Sunday via a tweet from the Virginia Department of Emergency Management: "Verizon confirming intermittent wireless voice and texting outages in Virginia." The problem was reportedly taken care of by mid-afternoon.

Comcast, the nation’s largest cable provider, also had problems in that region of the country. In a statement emailed to Roanoke/Lynchburg’s WSLS-TV, acknowledging outages that began Friday, the cable giant said, "… given the severity of the winds and rain that arose from this storm, we are also seeing some more extensive damage caused by falling trees, poles and more that will take longer to repair."

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