Has iPhone’s Reign at Verizon Ended?

The iPhone has long dominated smartphone sales at Verizon Wireless.

Is Apple’s reign finally over at the nation’s largest wireless carrier?

The short answer: probably not, though its dominance may be waning somewhat.

As reported by FORTUNE, analyst Anil Doradla of William Blair & Co. learned in his channel checks covering June that the iPhone is no longer the best-selling smartphone at Verizon’s retail outlets.

The analyst cited Verizon’s aggressive marketing of competing 4G devices, FORTUNE reported, particularly Motorola’s Droid RAZR MAXX. Some analysts have noted that Apple’s iPhone weighs down margins at the big wireless carriers because the device is heavily subsidized. Another device that could sell well at Verizon is the Samsung Galaxy S III.

For you Apple investors, there’s no need to panic. Doradla isn’t worried that the iPhone’s North American smartphone supremacy will suddenly be toppled by a rival device.

"We believe the anticipated launch of a 4G device from Apple this fall will be an important catalyst for the company as consumers upgrade their phones, and we expect the company to once again maintain its top position at all operators (including Verizon Wireless)," the analyst was quoted as writing.

Bottom line: Apple’s sixth-generation device could be another smashing success when it finally arrives.

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