Apple iPhone 5: All Eyes on WWDC Monday for Release Date

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Look for a 4-inch screen when the new iPhone is officially introduced.It probably comes as little surprise that rampant speculation about Apple’s next iPhone the iPhone 5, iPhone 4G, sixth-generation, whatever it will be called is once again reaching a feverish peak just before the company’s application developers gather for their annual event in San Francisco, June 11-15.

So what did we “learn” about the new iPhone this week, keeping in mind that Apple hasn’t confirmed much of anything about the device?

A video posted (below) by parts-supply company ETrade Supply hit YouTube Wednesday, showing off what is supposedly the back cover of Apple’s new iPhone. It differs from previous iPhone iterations in a number of ways, the first being color. Instead of the traditional black or white, you’re looking at brushed metal. The device also seems to be thinner and longer, backing up previous reports that it’s capable of sporting a larger screen four inches. Also supported by the video are other reports that the headphone jack will be moved to the bottom.

Oh, and speaking of screen size, one industry watcher got very specific with his prediction this week, saying the display will be 4.08 inches. Mingchi Kuo, an analyst with KGI, says the resolution will be fabulous, an improvement over prior versions.

“We expect iPhone 5 to feature a 4.08-inch in-cell IPS panel screen with a display resolution of 1,136 x 640 and 500-nit brightness,” Kuo wrote in a research note cited by Apple Insider. The screen will also go from a 4:3 ratio to one that is 16:9, Kuo said.

Will Apple ever offer larger screens comparable to the 4.7 and 4.8-inch displays that Samsung has been rolling out lately? Not anytime soon, the analyst wrote, suggesting that Apple thinks displays larger than 4.3 inches are too challenging to operate with one hand. And any screens larger than that require bigger batteries that make the devices bulkier, he added.

There have certainly been enough reports out there to assume a 4-inch screen is coming. Also assumed is that the new iPhone will be compatible with LTE networks. Verizon Wireless has said it won’t be introducing any new 3G phones and Apple has already made LTE available in the third-generation iPad it released earlier this year.

Many other questions remain including whether near-field communication technology will be included for mobile-payment processing but the one on the minds of the most businesspeople and general consumers is just when they’ll be able to get their hands on a new iPhone. While the industry consensus is that it won’t be until October one year after the release of the iPhone 4S many are holding out hope that there will be news on the device at this summer’s Worldwide Developers Conference, which gets underway Monday.

The company has said, much like last year, that it will focus on software at the upcoming event so Apple device owners should keep a close eye on new developments involving iOS, the Silicon Valley giant’s mobile operating system. But up until 2011, Apple has had news at WWDC on a new iPhone. And a return to tradition would surely make potential buyers as well as the company’s service-provider partners very happy.

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