nGenx Debuts Browser, Cloud Desktop for Google Chrome Devices

Cloud computing firm nGnex has launched its nFinity Browser and nFinity Basic Desktop through the channel, from white-label partners including Broadview Networks  to agents.

The productivity tools for businesses and educational institutions work with Google’s Chromebook and other devices that run on the Chrome operating systems.

Chrome devices are the wave of the future,” said Robert Bye, president and CEO of nGenx. “They are faster, safer, and allow for a true cloud computing experience.”

The browser, for example, enables access to any site, regardless of underlying framework. What that means is, if users are running Google Chrome, they can install nFinity Broswer and place it on a new tab page or in the app launcher. nGnex said that products and websites not typically accessible now are available to anyone from any device.

Meanwhile, for users who must have Windows-only app access but want to operate on a Chrome device, nGenx has developed nFinity Basic Desktop. It’s an HTML5-based service capable of running a full Windows 7 emulated desktop. Applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Exchange, QuickBooks, Adobe and more can all be run on a per-user basis. Storage, printing, USB redirection and data backup also are included. Desktop settings and preferences can be set and stored for all user login sessions. The desktop is accessible entirely from the Web.

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