Post AT&T Merger Failure, DT To Sell T-Mobile USA? Not So Fast

Does Deutsche Telekom AG plan to sell T-Mobile USA to another buyer several months after AT&T walked away from a $39 billion deal?

Don’t count on it.

Rene Obermann, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom, said Thursday a complete sale of the fourth-largest U.S. wireless carrier is unlikely, MarketWatch reported.

"We continue to look for a long-term solution to improve earnings in our U.S. business," Obermann was quoted as telling shareholders in prepared remarks at Deutsche Telekom’s annual meeting in Cologne, Germany. "However, a complete sale like the one to AT&T is considered unlikely."

T-Mobile is continuing to struggle with the loss of contract customers as the company invests billions of dollars to modernize its network and takes austerity measures, including job cuts and a consolidation of its call centers, to improve its bottom line.

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