iPhone 5: News of Larger Screen Breaks

The debate rages on about exactly when Apple will debut its next iPhone likely with built-in LTE compatibility but one of the most widely talked-about rumors is getting the backing of America’s best-known financial publication.

Apple has reportedly ordered larger screens from its Asian suppliers. These will be at least four inches diagonally as opposed to the 3.5-inch screens we’re accustomed to seeing on iPhones and production on them will start next month, the Wall Street Journal said.

Screen sizes of four to five inches have become standard on many smartphones made by Asian giants such as Samsung, which is now shipping more of these devices than any other manufacturer. While Apple hasn’t always been one to keep up with the Joneses, if you will, this move might help the company encourage people from straying to an Android device.

The Journal says Apple is working with several screen makers in Asia, including ones in South Korea and Japan. The Silicon Valley giant had no comment on the article.

Despite advances from its rivals, Apple’s iPhone is still the world’s best selling smartphone. The 4S, released last October, continues to beat all challengers even though it is now seven months old.

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