Verizon Withdraws Plan to Raise Special Access Rates

Verizon has withdrawn an application to raise special access prices by 6 percent, according to a coalition that opposed the measure.

“Verizon had sought a 6 percent increase in special access fees across the board, which would have resulted in a 12 percent increase in price since the beginning of last year,” said the NoChokePoints Coalition, whose members include such telecom providers as Cbeyond, Integra Telecom, tw telecom, Sprint and XO Communications.

Members of the coalition recently filed petitions at the Federal Communications Commission in opposition to Verizon’s plans.

Responding to criticism from competitive local exchange carriers, Verizon has asserted a number of companies offer competitive alternatives to its special access services.

The coalition said Verizon withdrew its petition on May 11, four days after several of its members lodged petitions to oppose the increase in special access rates.

It wasn’t immediately clear what prompted the telecom company to withdraw its petition. A Verizon spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment late Tuesday evening.

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