Bathroom, Fire, Lawnmower Mishaps Top Smartphone-Destruction List

We’ve just about all dropped our cell phone at some point and grimaced in fear that it would break. But wait till you read some of the bizarre reasons why people have had to replace their phones.

U.K.-based SquareTrade, a consumer-electronics warranty provider, has unveiled the results of its “Darwin Awards,” which honor the strangest ways owners have destroyed or damaged their smartphones. SquareTrade asked owners to post on Facebook some of their best phone demise stories.

The top five include:

  1. a man who dropped his phone into the fire while playing about with a fireplace. A blanket and some sort of “resuscitation” were not enough to save the phone.
  2. someone who dropped his phone 200 feet from the top of a wind turbine. As you can imagine, it was pronounced dead at the scene.
  3. a “male mishap,” as SquareTrade describes it. This is when a man loses concentration while busy with his phone standing in front of a urinal. You have to have some serious dexterity to catch it when it slips out of your hand … and this guy didn’t.
  4. a man whose device fell out of his pocket only to be shredded by his lawnmower
  5. “the dog ate my phone”: someone’s dog devoured their smartphone along with a throw blanket, leaving an unpleasant discovery for the owner a few days later.


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