$16,000 Wireless Bill Shocks Military Teen

A teenager in the military was met with more than just gifts for the holidays.

Jordan Webster, a 19-year-old airman serving in Guam, received a $16,098 cell phone bill just after he went home to Sacramento for Christmas, according to a report by CBS Sacramento.

Webster didn’t see a problem using his smartphone in California.

He said that they did go on a couple YouTubes, a couple other sites,” said Barry, Jordan’s dad, in the report. However, there was a problem $16,098.50 worth of one.

Webster’s carrier, IT&E, billed him 1 cent per kilobyte of data that he used in the U.S. 1,609,850 kilobytes which resulted in the exorbitantly high cell phone bill.

I was just floored, I was … It just enraged me,” Barry said in the report.

Webster was able to decrease his bill significantly. He wound up paying a little less than one-third of it approximately $4,800. He disputes the amount of data IT&E claims that he used, but the carrier stands by its numbers, even though it reduced his bill.

“When IT&E was made aware of Mr. Webster’s excessive roaming charges through an alert report from Syniverse, we immediately notified our customers by SMS and suspended the service on the same day to prevent him from incurring additional data charges,” IT&E said in a statement, according to the report.

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