Level 3 Tops List of Delinquent Taxpayers

The state of Pennsylvania is using the Internet to shame people and corporations into paying their back taxes.

Topping the list of businesses is Level 3 Communications, the Broomfield, Colo.-based CLEC, which the Keystone State says owes $16.7 million. Overall, Pennsylvania wants to collect more than $700 million in overdue taxes, WTAE-TV reported, and is posting the “wanted” names on its website.

Level 3 owes more than twice as much as the next company on the list drugstore chain CVS needs to cough up $7.6 million, the report said.

The amount listed as owed by Level 3 is currently under appeal and the subject of pending litigation,” the CLEC told us. “Level 3 strongly disagrees that any tax is owed, and the company intends to comply with any resolution to the dispute that is achieved through the legal process. It is Level 3s policy to comply with the tax laws of the jurisdictions in which the company operates.”

An accountant interviewed by WTAE said the state needs to be more proactive in collecting the delinquent taxes, and that while posting the names online might do some good, it’s more of a “shotgun approach.” The governor’s proposed budget includes more money to improve collections.

Of the $700 million the state wants to collect, more than $150 million is in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), which the report says would be enough to fix budget crises at the Port Authority and at the University of Pittsburgh.

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