Apple’s New iPad More Beloved Than Old Version

Customers are even happier with the new iPad than the older version, a survey indicates.

In a survey last month of 200 owners, ChangeWave Research found that 82 percent of new iPad owners are “very satisfied” with their tablet computer. Another 16 percent noted they are “somewhat satisfied.” Only 2 percent, or four of the owners, said they were “somewhat unsatisfied” while nobody was “very unsatisfied.”

The results indicate that Apple’s latest iPad is a bigger hit with consumers than the previous version. In a February survey, before the new iPad was released, ChangeWave Research found that 74 percent of iPad users were “very satisfied” while 23 percent were “somewhat satisfied.”

The recent survey by ChangeWave Research also provided some insight into the popular features of the new iPad. Asked what they liked best about their new iPad and presented with a large number of choices, a whopping 75 percent of respondents selected the high-resolution “retina” display. Long battery life (22 percent) and the 4G LTE capability (21 percent) also have proven popular, the survey indicated.

iPad Dislikes

As far as what customers dislike about their device, a combined 49 percent of respondents cited the cost of the new iPad (26 percent) and the cost of a wireless data plan (23 percent).


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