Cbeyond Promotes Remote Migration Service

Cbeyond (Booth #327) has announced its new Remote Migration Service, which transitions businesses to the cloud without interrupting workflow.

The service is a one-time-only program, available when a sale is made. However, Cbeyond will help new users maneuver the cloud infrastructure, after they’ve converted to cloud, even if they didn’t buy Remote Migration Service, the company said.

Remote Migration Service, announced at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo, provides end-to-end instruction to ensure a seamless migration; it typically takes about a week once Cbeyond has all of the necessary information. Remote Migration Service includes file-sharing and remote connectivity, administrative controls and more. The process calls for Cbeyond’s migration team to copy data from on-premise computers and move it to the cloud server, without deleting any data.

Cbeyond monitors servers around the clock, and provides operating system and security upgrades such as patches, backups, antivirus and intrusion protection.

Businesses can experience hesitancy to move to the cloud for fear of losing key files or disrupting day-to-day operations during conversion," said Fred White, senior director of cloud services product management at Cbeyond. Our new Remote Migration Service alleviates those concerns and makes converting to the cloud a worry-free process."


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