TBI Bulks Up Wireless Services

CHANNEL PARTNERS The wireless division of master agency Telecom Brokerage Inc. (TBI) (Booth $410 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) has added multiple services for partners to sell.

First, there’s a full line of accessories now available to bundle with wireless activations. The accessories can also be offered separately to customers. TBI partners may white-label online Web portals, meaning that customers can order accessories directly from a website that looks as though it is the partners store.

As we do more wireless business with our partners, weve noticed that accessories are often left on the table because there is a smaller margin and partners arent as familiar with it,” said Geoff Yearack, TBI’s wireless director. “But if your customer is going to buy those accessories from a store anyway, why not make it seamless and offer it yourself through your own site managed by TBI? Partners can drive their current wireless business to the site and TBI handles the procurement, sales and order fulfillment, while you get compensated.”

In addition to accessories, TBIs partners will be able to white-label systems for Mobile Device Management (MDM). MDM allows partners to handle moves, add-ons and changes, and offer optimized monthly reports and inventory management.

MDM is growing, and much like accessories, it is another way to build a residual revenue stream that is non-carrier dependent,” Yearack said. By offering TBIs MDM program [for] a fee, partners have a another way to make a residual off of wireless while TBI does the heavy lifting.”

Finally, TBI has added a buyback and recycling program to its wireless portfolio. Partners can make money by buying back their customers devices. They also can help customers recycle those old devices that litter offices and take up space. For that, TBI has put a recycling portal on its website. There, partners may order materials to collect and ship devices, and learn how and why recycling is important. The buyback and recycling programs both can bring more revenue to a partners company.

The most exciting aspect of accessories, MDM and recycling are our partners’ abilities to increase profitably from wireless sales,” says Mike Saxby, TBIs chief strategy officer. Wireless is so much more than phones and data cards. When bundling these offerings together it gives our partners a true end-to-end telecom management solution.”

Yearack said TBI is working to attract more agents and VARs to the wireless side of telecom.

Many customers that have done traditional wireline service with our partners have asked about wireless, but many partners arent as familiar with it and stay away,” Yearack said. TBI has built programs to engage wireless without being an expert or adding more staff. Not only do we quote your wireless opportunities, but we have ongoing maintenance and management on your accounts. All of this is done in our back office, while your logo stays on the front end.”

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