NBS Offers Up-Front Commissions

CHANNEL PARTNERS Fully integrated communications service provider NBS (Booth #326 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) announced today the initiation of an agent compensation program that offers its partners up-front commissions.

NBS says instituting a program like this during a time of economic uncertainty for most of the industry is indicative of its confidence in the channel and a show of good faith to their partners.

"We are in constant communication with our partners, and this commission option is a direct result of that dialogue," said Russell Markman, NBS’s president. "Given the level of overall economic uncertainty in the country, and specifically within the channel, we wanted to provide our partners with some sense of stability."

The program applies to the company’s data services and those of its carrier partners. These include services such as Hosted V.o.I.C.E., SIP Trunking, T1, DS3, OCx, and MPLS, as well as high-speed Ethernet and Ethernet over Copper offerings. The agent can collect a full 12 months of commission paid up-front and in one lump sum after selling any of the qualifying services.

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