Glacial Energy Adds Fixed, Index Products

CHANNEL PARTNERS Glacial Energy (Booth #531 at the Channel Partners Conference & Expo) this week is launching fixed and index pricing on its electricity and natural gas services for businesses, which widens its opportunities and, thus, channel partners’ for new clients.

For SMBs, there are new fixed, full, fixed-full and fixed-pass-through term products. Those definitions break down as follows:

  • Fixed: The customer is guaranteed a price for the length of the contract, allowing for budget certainty.
  • Full: All in, which means there are no additional line items on a bill (except for certain taxes and transmission, and distribution charges)
  • Fixed-full: Three-, six-, nine- and 12-month contracts are available with no minimum annual usage requirements.
  • Fixed-pass-through: A 12-month minimum term commitment. No minimum annual usage thresholds. Any size customer is eligible. Customers who do not renew at the end of the term default to the index product (the index price fluctuates with the market).

And for large customers, there are now block and index services. Block prices do not change with the market, while index prices do.

Overall, the product additions are important to Glacial Energy because “we only offered variable-rate index products,” said Gary Bostwick, senior vice president of marketing and training. “We have recently signed a new finance and supply deal that allows us flexibility in our product offerings. Specifically, it allows us to offer fixed-price contracts for the first time.”

That’s important for agents and other partners because they now can approach new customers with Glacial Energy’s products.  

“Many agents did not offer Glacial products because they only wanted to offer fixed,” Bostwick said.

Glacial Energy did not share its commission ranges but did say the rates are among the highest in the industry. There also are no special promotions or incentives right now because pricing is extremely competitive, the company said.

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